Keep Your Glendale Heights Car Breathing Free: Engine Air Filter

July 24, 2017

Hey Glendale Heights - this is something really amazing: Your vehicle uses 12,000 times as much air as fuel when you drive it. All of that air has to be filtered to keep your engine clean.That's like 100 gallons (380 liters) of air every block! The engine air filter is just another example of a ... More

Technician Training at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Glendale Heights

July 17, 2017

Your vehicle is important to you, and keeping it running properly is important to your lifestyle. That's why you're smart enough to have it serviced regularly at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Glendale Heights in Glendale Heights. And even though it may just be routine maintenance, you want it done r... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Glendale Heights: Timing Belt Overview

July 10, 2017

In your engine, valves over each combustion chamber open to allow fresh air in, close during the combustion event, and then other valves open to let out the exhaust. All of this happens over and over thousands of times a minute when you are driving around Glendale Heights. The timing belts import... More

Straight and True in Glendale Heights: Wheel Alignment

July 4, 2017

Most Glendale Heights folks worry about running out of gas or having a breakdown on the side of the road. That is why we practice preventive maintenance on our vehicles that and to keep our repair bills down. But one important part of preventive maintenance that may get overlooked by drivers in... More