Diesel Maintenance For Illinois

July 31, 2015

At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Glendale Heights we hear from a lot of people who are excited about the new diesel engines that will soon be available in passenger cars and SUV's. But our Illinois friends are often curious about the preventive maintenance requirements. People may not ... More

Getting the Right Tires And Wheels In Glendale Heights

July 24, 2015

A lot of people get custom wheels in Glendale Heights. When you do this yourself (over the internet . . .) you could run into trouble if youre not careful. Sometimes, once theyre mounted, they just don't fit right. The tires rub in turns or on bumps. You dont want that. Consulting ... More

Keeping Your Engine Cool In Glendale Heights, Illinois

July 17, 2015

The cooling system keeps Illinois car owners's engines from overheating while they are driving around Glendale Heights, Wheaton and Bloomingdale. Its job is to move heat away from the engine. Let's talk about the various components of the system and how they make this happen. The ra... More

The Right Fluids for Your Vehicle

July 14, 2015

Glendale Heights car owners' current vehicles have over a century of engineering behind them. They have evolved into complex and powerful machines. Developments in their engines, however, have coincided with advances in many other vehicle components, including the fluids. Its vital for Glendale... More

Cool Breeze: Air Conditioning Service At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Glendale Heights In Glendale Heights

July 4, 2015

Most Illinois auto owners know that their vehicles need regular preventive maintenance like changing the oil and filters, rotating the tires and refilling the washer fluid. But did you know that your air conditioning system needs routine maintenance as well? Taking care of your air conditionin... More

Go Straight: Wheel Alignment For Glendale Heights Automobiles

July 1, 2015

Glendale Heights motorists may have an alignment problem if their car drifts or pulls to one side, the steering wheels off center, they notice uneven tire wear or the car doesnt feel like it handles right as they drive down Glendale Heights, Illinois streets and interstates. When al... More